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Men's Action network offers a variety of services. We consider men's health and the effects that men's attitudes and behaviour may have on their health status. Many men still take too many risks with their health, e.g. they may drive too fast and drink too much alcohol; this may be the result of social structuring that stereotypes men and boys into being strong and in control. Traditional attitudes concerning gender still prevail and may explain why a number of men engage in risk-taking behaviour that can have detrimental effects on their physical and mental health and why men are often unwilling to access healthcare services.

Men's health is also linked to their social class and the type of work they undertake. At Men's Action Network we have a greater understanding of male gender and health, we try to develop innovative, gender-sensitive approaches to care provision for men, in partnership with men themselves and with other healthcare agencies.

Below is a section of the main services that we offer. Please feel free to contact us to dicuss an individual plan for your needs.

Counselling Helpline launched in conjunction with Derry and Strabane Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP)

Male domestic and sexual abuse/violence awareness and support project.

Having recently launched a counselling helpline with access to immediate counselling support MAN is now in the next phase of an eight-month project funded by Derry and Strabane PCSP to raise public, voluntary and statuary awareness of the experiences of local male victims of domestic and sexual abuse and the need for responses to address this hidden and largely unreported experience.

The project has three elements (details of which can be found here)
  • 1. Counselling support helpline. Immediate counselling support on Monday 9am to 4pm. All messages will be responded to.
  • 2. Exhibition of images and words of males who experience or have experienced domestic and sexual abuse/violence.
  • 3. Awareness event for those engaging or wishing to engage with males who experience or have experienced domestic and sexual abuse/violence.
Support Services

Support is offered by qualified counsellors who are accredited or working towards accreditation with a recognised professional body such as BACP and taking part in professional external supervision.

Telephone Support

Contact us in confidence, anonymously if you choose, on any issue you would like to talk about, seek awareness on, or find support with.

One to One Support

For men who feel they would like to talk with someone, in person, regarding any issue affecting their live.


M.A.N has developed an element to its service delivery which offers Counselling specifically for men

Fathering Support

A support service for men experiencing difficulties as a result of family break up or child contact difficulties.

Your Space

A weekly self-help support group, providing a safe, confidential space for men to support each other, free from fear, ridicule, judgement or personal attack.


M.A.N can signpost referral contacts for child contact, court orders or family law issues and were practicle, accompany men to court.