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Men's Action Network will not work with any man who perpetrates domestic or sexual violence towards a woman, child or another man.

Men's Action Network define a perpetrator as someone who has a conviction in law for abuse against another person. For Example (but not limited to)
  • An interim or ongoing non-molestation order.
  • A conviction for Actual Bodily Harm (ABH).
  • A conviction for Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH).
  • A conviction for Voluntary Manslaughter.
  • A conviction for Attempted Murder.
  • A conviction for Murder.
  • A conviction for any Sexual Offence.

  • Current Programmes

    Please contact us to dicuss any specific needs you may have. Please note we can tailor programmes for different groups.

    Anger Awareness

    Early intervention and preventive measures to give insight into anger. Aiming to prevent unhealthy, abusive, social or domestic interactions.


    A series of self awareness modules which explores lifestyle choices and their consequences.


    Connecting men throughout the island with others who wish to explore focused but relaxed themes around common issues.

    Anger Awareness

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    We strive to offer programmes at various times throughout the year. These programmes are facilitated in group format however appointments can also be made for individuals wishing to work on a one to one basis. The program explores:

  • The life context of anger.
  • Anger, how you uniquely understand and display it.
  • The body’s natural reaction to anger and its physical signs.
  • What triggers are ,what your Anger triggers might be.
  • Stepping back, time out skills and methods.
  • Healthy ways to release the energy of Anger.
  • Stress Factors and Anger.
  • How you might display Passive Anger and its Consequences.
  • How you might display Aggressive Anger and its Consequences.
  • Non verbal language, what is being said ,how is this behaviour received.
  • The real impact of our angry /abusive behaviour on others.
  • Assertive Anger, a healthier alternative.
  • Conflict management/resolution skills.
  • Assertive Anger, a healthier alternative.
  • Healthier communication processes.

  • This is a preventive programme for men who voluntarily choose to explore anger in their lives and how it may impact on themselves and others in domestic and social settings.It aims through raising awareness on the elements outlined to highlight alternative healthier constructive thinking and behavioural choices in dealing with unresolved or personal anger and requires from participants an honest commitment to lasting behavioural change.


    Each of the modules is stand alone or can be tailored to meet the needs of any group wishing to explore particular themes .Modules presently include:

  • General Health and Wellbeing.
  • Emotional Health.
  • Abusive Lifestyle Choices.
  • Anger Awareness.
  • Sustainable Relationships.
  • Healthy ways to release the energy of Anger.
  • Stress Factors and Anger.

  • These units can be delivered or shaped to meet the needs of any group of men or boys. In the past they have been delivered to groups in the community, prison and schools.


    We organises and facilitate various weekend residential programmes for men. Themes include:

  • Masculinity.
  • Fathering .
  • Depression.
  • Addiction.
  • Spirituality.
  • Relationships.
  • Violence.
  • Loss.
  • Identity.

  • Themes are developed holistically from the requests of men who have been in contact with us or those who participate in the weekends.