The Fathering Families project offers Programmes and Services to help with the challenging tasks for parents, these include (but are not limited to)

  • Giving a child physical care: Feeding, shelter, rest, health and protection.
  • Giving a child affection: Expressed overt physical and verbal warmth and comfort.
  • Giving a child positive regard: Give approval, sensitivity to signals, responsiveness.
  • Providing a child with emotional security: Consistent and predictable warmth, sensitivity and comfort.
  • Setting child boundaries: Clear statements on what is acceptable, good supervision.
  • Allowing a child room to develop: Provide and allow challenges within the child’s capacity.
  • Teaching a child social behaviour: Model reliability, reasonableness and assertiveness.
  • Helping a child develop skills: Encourage learning and exploration, be responsive in play.
  • Helping a child's cognitive development: Reading, constructive play, monitor schooling.
  • Facilitating a child's social activity: Facilitate peer contact and provide new experiences.
  • The Fathering Families project will not work with any man who perpetrates domestic or sexual violence towards a woman, child or another man.
    The Fathering Families project define a perpetrator as someone who has a conviction in law for abuse against another person. For Example (but not limited to)

  • An interim or ongoing non-molestation order.
  • A conviction for Actual Bodily Harm (ABH).
  • A conviction for Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH).
  • A conviction for Voluntary Manslaughter.
  • A conviction for Attempted Murder.
  • A conviction for Murder.
  • A conviction for any Sexual Offence.

  • Current Programmes

    Please contact us to dicuss any specific needs you may have. Please note we can tailor programmes for different groups.

    Personal Awareness

    Helping identify, validate individuals skills and abilities and gaining awareness of other support services who might help them.

    Personal Development

    Helping build personal confidence, esteem, resilience, aiding increased emotional health and well being and skills base.


    Building experience of nurturing between children their social fathers and partners. Dealing with stress and challenging issues.

    Anger Awareness

    Helping explore the natural emotion of Anger in relationships raising awareness of its life context ,offering healthier choices in the expression of its power, teaching healthier communication skills, creating safe supportive processes to be heard and hear others. Teaching conflict management and regulation skills. Partners can also avail of their own separate group and one to support which may lead to couples counselling if requested.

    Family Events

    Family focused days including fun and adventure activities, play and art therapy to bring families together to experience, validate and celebrate the progress families have developed.